Mittwoch, 6. Juni 2012

A Perfect Weekend

 ...I had lately :)
First there was the Handfasting ceremony of Mrs Mondjung and Mr Fnu, which was absolutely great, not at last due to this amazing group of friends :D And the food. ;) You can find a review with some lovely pics HERE. And I can tell you, I was really glad that I finished the dress and the groom's clothes in time this time ;) Ooooh, I didn't show you the last dress for the civil wedding I need to come up with an extra post on that as soon as I receive some of the pro photos of the handfasting day :)

The next day we went to Münzenberg Castle, a ruin of a castle built by the Staufer family. Love the little ornaments you can find all over the place.

Due to some weird fire protection requirements someone made up but recently (Oh, this castle has only ONE entrance!) Jonny and the Skalden changed their instruments. Now they are safe enough, I think.

Thank the Gods, Jonny also brought his more familiar instrument and chased the rain clouds away. As usual. Good boy ;)

After the fair at the castle closed we went to one of the camp sites and joined a little musical session under a tree with the amazing silhouette of the castle in the background.

The next day the fair closed when there was still daylight, so I looked for a distinctive landmark not very far from the castle. We came to a parking ground and had to walk only few metres to see the megalithic tomb.
But before that, Fimbulmyrk and I had a little argument on a bunch of flowers. It was mine in the end ;)

When we arrived at the tomb there was no noise but the birds and some cattle and sheep. The cattle had a close look at us and decided that we were worthy of entering the site.

 Yesterday I had a quick Idea of a painting and then some additional lines dropped out of my mind.
Live was in full bloom and vibrating around us in this great landscape and after the soft rain every flower and earth itself smelled like the gentlest perfume ever.

As I don't have to sew or draw for someone else but me those days (Yeah, I made a map for a friend's larp event' website too, had not enough going on ;) I'll link when the site is online.) I got an inspiration flash. And some new watercolours too *g* So this is what came out:

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