Donnerstag, 5. Dezember 2013


Some months ago, Fimbulmyrk brought me a bone from the woods. It was a bit dirty and scattered at the ends, but I could see some hidden beauty within.
So I cooked it, cut off the ends and gave it a fine polish from the in- and outside.
Then I covered the middle section with wire in trichinopoly technique (viking knitting) and added one of my posament beads.
I also made a two-in-two chain and a little flattened hook.

So, now look at this dirty bone from the woods:

To hold the needles in place inside the bone I felted two plugs from wool.

Mittwoch, 4. Dezember 2013

Neue Bänder

 I was lucky to get me a little Ashford Inkle Loom for a good price. I like my big loom a lot, but for trying new patterns or brocading this little one is better, I think. If I don't like the pattern or make mistakes, not much yarn is wasted. But it still holds enough warp to get a usable band.

Here I tried a pattern from Finland, Kaukola Kekomäki. I like it, easy to weave and a lovely pattern.

 The next pattern is Hallstatt II :

And the third one is a S-motif, very popular during the ages. It can be found on the woolen band from Mammen, for example.


Ok, I admit, long time no post. But I wasn't lazy at all ;)

So, I wanted to have another proper bag that fits my scandinavian garb. I have a naalbound one, but it is quite stretchy if you put in many or heavy things. Not good for proper viking shopping ;)

There are finds from Hedeby, remains of wooden handles that were attached to bags.
My handles are a free interpretation of those from Hedeby. I carved them from beechwood.

 I want to use the red leather in the background to sew the actual bag.

After carving the form, I treated the wood with a stain from dark beer. You see, it's always good to have a stock of dark beer ;)

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