Mittwoch, 26. Februar 2014

Leather and Yarn

 I didn't like my old belt pouches anymore, so I had to think of a new one. Ok, bad excuse, I simply wanted to make this one for ages ;)
I had some leather already and got a mounting plate for the Birka pouch. This version is bigger than the original find, but I lke it. I found no decent strap end, so I took a piece of reindeer antler and carved one with an design from the metal mount.

When the belt pouch was done, I thought, I needed a wallet. There are various finds from Birka of little rolled up leather wallets, sometimes still with coins inside.
They were decorated with gilded leatherstrips.

Reconstruction and original finds from Bj 750. Arbman, Taf. 130.
Wallet from Bj 904. Arbman, Taf. 132.

I did my interpretation with soft green leatherstrips. They are braided through slots in the leather of the actual wallet to form a checked pattern.

 After doing all this leather working, I needed sone yarn between my fingers angain. But I didn't leve the site of Birka ;)
I did this pattern as a brocade some years ago. It was my first encounter with brocading technique. Though I love the technique and the look it produces, this time I wanted to weave the pattern in a faster way. For brocade is easy, but soooo slow, if you do it assiduosly.


  1. Moi, die Birka-Geldbörse ist ja putzig!! :-)
    Die Birkatasche und die Borte sind auch wunderschön, aber in die Börse bin ich ganz verliebt! <3

    1. Danke :) Und die ist auch noch total praktisch, kein langes Rumgesuche in zu großen Beuteln mehr :D Ich glaube, da muss ich noch die eine oder andere bauen. Und Gürteltaschen auch, die Familie hat schon Bedarf angemeldet *g* Sieht mal wieder nach wenig Langeweile aus in nächster Zeit ;)

  2. Hello,
    I came to your site looking for information on Birka, I love your tablet woven band, it is really beautiful :) Where do you find this pattern?

    1. Salut Borglinde :)
      Merci pour ton commentaire très gentil! J'ai trouvé cet dessin sur la page d'accuel de Babette Oberholz, mais la page ne marche pas pour le moment. Mais la groupe de facebook 'historic tablet weaving' a une collection des dessins. Ce galon unit trois motives: s et z est la position des tablettes, pas le sens d'enfilage ici :)

  3. Merci beaucoup pour ta réponse et pour le lien :)
    (et en plus tout ça en français c'est très gentil ^^)

    1. Pas de souci! Mon français est un peu rouillé, mais j'espère qu'on peut comprendre tout :)

  4. Danke schon for the wonderful craft-blogging, and for having so much translated into English! Your work is beautiful and inspirational! I hope to make my own little Birka-style wallet someday soon; it looks like it would be useful for keeping craft project bits and tools, with all those little pockets. :-)


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