Donnerstag, 10. Mai 2018


No. Not a liar...
Since last June I'm the proud owner of a Trossingen style lyre. I've been in love with lyres for quite some time now. I found this beauty at Ars Anglia, where Thomas offers great Instruments.
I fell in love with this lyre and began to play instantly. After some days I decided to change the tuning from dcBAGF to EDCBAG. I like it better for singing along.

To play chords, it is easier to use a band that is wrapped around the wrist and attached to the lyre. I decided to make a tabletwoven band with a floating pattern from Randi Stoltz.

I love the sound of this little Instrument and was amazed, how versatile it is. And beautiful.

I took the lyre already with me for some camps and even for busking in town.

For better transport I made a case from faux leather and a fleece inlet that consists of multiple layers for protection.

And finally, a new video on my long neclegted YouTube channel, complete with lyre and all ;)

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