Freitag, 11. März 2016

Tabletwoven Band From Chelles-sur-Marne

Hello again to my dear readers! I wasn't idle recently, so now it's time to show you some of my work finally :)

Since late November last year I had a beautiful  band on my loom, which I finished about two weeks ago. The original is from the tomb of the merovingian queen Bathilde (630-680) and the abbess Bertille (630-705). The textiles in their tomb were found as a bundle, so in some cases it is not possible to say, which textile belonged to which woman.

Fragments of the original textile from Chelles. From: Königinnen der Merowinger : Patrick Périn, Egon Wamers (Hrsg.): Adelsgräber aus den Kirchen von Köln, Saint-Denis, Chelles und Frankfurt am Main; Schnell und Steiner, Regensburg, 2012, S. 139.

The original band had a width of 18mm. I used 40/2 sewing thread and 48 tablets and came up with a width of 16mm.

 The original textile was made frome fine silk and was composed from a variety of gemetrical patterns.


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